Was I too much?

I really don’t want to comprehend on things connecting to him anymore because like I always say to myself, one thing was proven, he never really loved me that much to stay. He was not for me. Going through all the things and events that had happened to us, and just one little thing that went bad he given up on me is really foul. But sometimes, I think that I was really hard on him.

For one, I kept on pushing him to fix his name because his name in his birth certificate is wrong. Second, I really insisted on purchasing a condominium unit/house for our family. Third, I pushed him to look for a better paying job in preparation for our wedding and family. Lastly, I pushed him to look for a job overseas because I said to him that by the time that we have a baby, I will stop working and focus on our child. Of course, we had arguments on that issue because he kept on insisting that he can’t give me the life that my parents gave me. He told me that I should learn to live normally and to not depend on anybody. I know I was too much but I only want the best for us. I want everything planned and I don’t want us to be poor. Plus his family is also depending on him that’s why I want him to find another job overseas.

Well I really don’t want to think about it anymore. It’s all in the past. If I push him too much, I hope in time he’ll see my point. I just want to give our to-be family a grand life, more than the life our parents gave us. Unfortunately, he saw it as a problem and found a diversion instead of focusing on fixing the problem at hand. This is what he wants. I wish that he’ll never regret all of it.


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