My 2013 Goals part 2

Goal #10 – Drop to 90 pounds. I need to drop to this weight before June because me and my best friend came up with a bet. So I need to! 

Goal #11 – Travel to Puerto Galera. Secret getaway.



Goal #12 – Dye my hair a new color. I want to dye my hair chestnut color as a part of new me!


Goal #13 – Travel to Bicol with friends! I really want to see the popular Mayon Volcano of Bicol.



Goal #14 – Design my WishKoLord Dreamboard for 2013. I will design my board with my goals for 2013 so that I’ll be inspired everyday.

Goal #15 – Design my blessings board. I will design a board for all the blessings I have in my life to remind me that I’m so blessed.

Goal #16 – Have a Thank You jar in my bedroom. I want to see it overflowing at the end of 2013 because I know I have many things to be thankful for each day.


Goal #18 – Make a WishKoLord scrapbook for all the goals and dreams I will fulfill in my life.

Goal #19 – Start my travel blog. And this time, be consistent with it.

Goal #20 – Revamp my wardrobe. Wear one of this!


Goal #21 – Travel to Bangkok. Namaste!


Goal #22 – Travel solo or go to a retreat. I want to feel the independence within me and go solo travelling or have a spiritual retreat.

Goal #23 – Attend the Feast. I recently learned to be helpful Bo Sanchez’s articles are and I want to hear him personally by attending the Feast.

Goal #24 – Do a Cross stitch and finish it.


Goal #25 – Perfect a food dish my family loves.

Goal #26 – Learn to drive. I’m nervous at the thought of this but it wouldn’t hurt to try.


Goal #27 – Wall climb. Reach the heights!


Goal #28 – Have a family birthday treat in Marriott Hotel. 


Goal #29 – Design my bedroom. I want to hang my boards, display my stuff toys and have a bookshelf.

Goal #30 – Bake a cake. Birthday cake!


Goal #31 – Finish Simbang Gabi. 

Goal #32 – Buy a huge parol for our house. A star for our humble abode.

Goal #33 – Buy a Christmas tree. New and huge one.

Goal #34 – Have my work goals and achieve it for recognition and promotion.




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