My 2013 Goals

Goal #1 – Novena for my partner in life. I’m tired with all of the heartbreak, broken promises, deceit and betrayal of my pasts. I want to be with a man that will really love me for me, accept all of me, will love me more than I love him, will be loyal to me, will not leave me and will grow old with me. I want my next big love to end up in marriage already. I am willing to pray for his welfare and that he may be a good man of God. As I patiently wait, I will fervently devote my time with prayer to God.

Goal #2 – Improvement of myself. With all the heartbreaks and rejection I encountered with different men and people as well, I will have to really learn how to play the game. I will have to put up a strong front every now and then and let my guard down to people I know really cares for me.

Goal #3 – Get over the past hurts. I have to get over all the heartbreaks so that I can prepare myself wholeheartedly to the man God prepared for me.

Goal #4 – Meet new friends. I want to meet new people and discover close relationships with them. Who knows, my Prince Charming is among them.

Goal #5 – Go out with high school and college friends at least twice a month. Enrich my connection with them.



Goal #6 – Treat my family. I will treat my sisters to movie nights or dinner. I will treat them to hotel overnight stays.

Goal #7 – Watch a great movie alone in an expensive cinema. I’m planning to watch Ironman 3 in Resorts World, alone.


Goal #8 – Start Yoga. Not only start but make it as a habit. 


Goal #9 – Gift myself a watch. Preferably a Baby-G or something sophisticated.




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