Is this for real?


I’m feeling weird now. It’s true that there are really a lot of men out there. I have one now. And it’s like my past suitor who I turned down before is exactly like him. What am I going to do. Though we haven’t met personally but we talked last night. He’s fun to talk with. He has tons of interests. Random interests one can think of. Yeah he has more interests than me. Funny guy. How I wish I’ll just overlook the appearance and all because a true person may not be beautiful outside but the true beauty is in the inside.

Well maybe I’m just overwhelm with all the feelings I’m having now. I’ll just let God lead my way. He knows who I want and who I deserve.


My 2013 Goals part 2

Goal #10 – Drop to 90 pounds. I need to drop to this weight before June because me and my best friend came up with a bet. So I need to! 

Goal #11 – Travel to Puerto Galera. Secret getaway.



Goal #12 – Dye my hair a new color. I want to dye my hair chestnut color as a part of new me!


Goal #13 – Travel to Bicol with friends! I really want to see the popular Mayon Volcano of Bicol.



Goal #14 – Design my WishKoLord Dreamboard for 2013. I will design my board with my goals for 2013 so that I’ll be inspired everyday.

Goal #15 – Design my blessings board. I will design a board for all the blessings I have in my life to remind me that I’m so blessed.

Goal #16 – Have a Thank You jar in my bedroom. I want to see it overflowing at the end of 2013 because I know I have many things to be thankful for each day.


Goal #18 – Make a WishKoLord scrapbook for all the goals and dreams I will fulfill in my life.

Goal #19 – Start my travel blog. And this time, be consistent with it.

Goal #20 – Revamp my wardrobe. Wear one of this!


Goal #21 – Travel to Bangkok. Namaste!


Goal #22 – Travel solo or go to a retreat. I want to feel the independence within me and go solo travelling or have a spiritual retreat.

Goal #23 – Attend the Feast. I recently learned to be helpful Bo Sanchez’s articles are and I want to hear him personally by attending the Feast.

Goal #24 – Do a Cross stitch and finish it.


Goal #25 – Perfect a food dish my family loves.

Goal #26 – Learn to drive. I’m nervous at the thought of this but it wouldn’t hurt to try.


Goal #27 – Wall climb. Reach the heights!


Goal #28 – Have a family birthday treat in Marriott Hotel. 


Goal #29 – Design my bedroom. I want to hang my boards, display my stuff toys and have a bookshelf.

Goal #30 – Bake a cake. Birthday cake!


Goal #31 – Finish Simbang Gabi. 

Goal #32 – Buy a huge parol for our house. A star for our humble abode.

Goal #33 – Buy a Christmas tree. New and huge one.

Goal #34 – Have my work goals and achieve it for recognition and promotion.



My 2013 Goals

Goal #1 – Novena for my partner in life. I’m tired with all of the heartbreak, broken promises, deceit and betrayal of my pasts. I want to be with a man that will really love me for me, accept all of me, will love me more than I love him, will be loyal to me, will not leave me and will grow old with me. I want my next big love to end up in marriage already. I am willing to pray for his welfare and that he may be a good man of God. As I patiently wait, I will fervently devote my time with prayer to God.

Goal #2 – Improvement of myself. With all the heartbreaks and rejection I encountered with different men and people as well, I will have to really learn how to play the game. I will have to put up a strong front every now and then and let my guard down to people I know really cares for me.

Goal #3 – Get over the past hurts. I have to get over all the heartbreaks so that I can prepare myself wholeheartedly to the man God prepared for me.

Goal #4 – Meet new friends. I want to meet new people and discover close relationships with them. Who knows, my Prince Charming is among them.

Goal #5 – Go out with high school and college friends at least twice a month. Enrich my connection with them.



Goal #6 – Treat my family. I will treat my sisters to movie nights or dinner. I will treat them to hotel overnight stays.

Goal #7 – Watch a great movie alone in an expensive cinema. I’m planning to watch Ironman 3 in Resorts World, alone.


Goal #8 – Start Yoga. Not only start but make it as a habit. 


Goal #9 – Gift myself a watch. Preferably a Baby-G or something sophisticated.