Day 3

Had a blast today! We went to the Melbourne zoo and finally saw a real Kangaroo. 

I think I just need to really focus myself on other things instead of contemplating on what had happened to my past relationship. I need to focus on what and who I have now because if I will not mind them, God might them all away at once. It would really devastate my life if that happens. I also set a mantra that whenever I think of him, of what he had done to me, I just think that —

“No! Stop! God doesn’t want this. Just trust in God. He will never abandon you.”

I repeatedly say it to myself, mind over matter, then I stop. I stop my tears from falling. I just need many diversions so that I won’t think about him anymore. He’s ruining my life! God doesn’t want this for me. He wants me to let go and be at peace.


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