Day 2

It’s a beautiful day here in Melbourne and I’m stuck again thinking about him. When will that day come that I’ll enjoy the day here in Melbourne without tears falling from my eyes. I’m so tired. I’m so fed up. I want to be over it. He’s not worth thinking anymore even though I still love him so much.Β 

Of course I’m a hypocrite saying that I don’t want him back. I so want him back in my life right now, right at this moment. I would do anything to have him back. I know that if God doesn’t permit it now, He knows the best interest and greatest desire of my heart. If God won’t give him back, I know He has someone in store for me. Better than the one who left.Β 

I wish the pain will pain go away. I wish to be free from it all. All I want is someone to love me truly and someone who won’t leave me hanging anymore.


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