Being in a relationship with someone is no picnic in a park. Though breaking up is a failure, we can pick up a lot of things from it. Painful as it may sound but there are some people who are just meant to pass by us but are not meant to stay with us for long.

Here are the things that I learned about relationships:

Quality over Quantity

No amount of time can define your relationship. Whether you’ve been together for months or years, quality is what’s most important for your relationship.


Your relationship didn’t just happen randomly. God has made it all happen for the both of you.


Communication is an essential key for the relationship. It’s a two way street. Regardless if its a hard truth, be open with your partner about your wants and problems. Fix whatever needs fixing so that it won’t bottle up and damage the relationship in the end. Keep an open ear whenever he’s telling a story or confiding a problem. Sometimes people just needs to confide into someone without having our opinion be heard. Listen to understand and not to response.


Loving someone is accepting all of his good and bad personality. Whether he looks like a Korean oppa today then tomorrow he looks like the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, you’ll accept him for what he is everyday. Both partner should understand and compromise the strengths and weakness of each other.

Love yourself first

This is a tough cookie to break and I’m still on the verge of breaking it but being comfortable on your own is hard, well at least for me. If you’re the type of person who’s used to being with someone or aren’t just comfortable being alone, then you need to start now.

Being in a relationship doesn’t define your completeness. I’ve learned this the hard way. You need to know how to be complete on your own. Learn how to enjoy solitude and not be too dependent on anyone. Not that being dependent is a negative thing because like the quote said, “no man is an island.” However, we need to be independent individuals, too, so that when we enter a relationship we won’t be clingy or needy to our partner.

Have hobbies of your own so that you have something to share to your partner. Also if your partner enjoys his own time, then you will not be a needy person wanting all of his time to you only. You can both enjoy your stuffs at your own time while still keeping the relationship intact. Your passions for your hobbies and interests will help you grow as individuals.

Enjoy and appreciate the company of others so that once we enter a relationship, we won’t forget those people who are there when no one else was.

And never lose yourself just because you’re in a relationship.


Spend quality time together. Indulged in new things or hobbies together or even share your own hobbies to each other. Travel and explore the world together. Not only your able to explore new places but you get to know each other more. Cherish and appreciate each moments together.


Love unconditionally. Always show your love through actions and words to your partner. Love without always expecting something in return. Good deeds are always reciprocated by people who appreciate us, including our partners.


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