What I learn in relationships part 1

  • It’s not how long you are together that defines the quality of your relationship.
  • There must be 3 person in the relationship – you, your partner and God
  • Communication is an essential part of the relationship
  • Relationship must be 2 way. Both partner should understand and compromise the strength and weakness of each other.
  • If you really love the person, no matter who or what attitude he has, what he may become because of the changes around the both of you, what hardships you may go through, YOU will not leave him
  • Be 100% sure of your feelings for a person before you enter a relationship, don’t enter one if you’re just feeling lonely, not used to being alone or you need someone to forget your past
  • It’s not 100% true that you can learn to love a person. I used to believe in a quote that “Who can you be happy with, the person you love truly but causes you pain or the person who you don’t love but makes you happy.” I stick with the latter. I believe that in spite of all my partner’s shortcomings, I can learn to love him. I somehow did but his shortcomings kept on arising as an issue for me. Sad thing is, I stick with him for so many years learning to accept his shortcomings but I guess God didn’t want me to have that feeling for my partner. He wants me to be contented and both of us happy. Bottom line is don’t take that course on learning to love a person. Love must come from within you and you must really feel it.
  • Both of you must have your life of your own. Hobbies, friends, interests, etc.
  • Don’t revolve yourself around your partner’s world. You are your own self, you have a life of your own. No one must define you.
  • Growth is essential in a relationship. Don’t be a shadow of your partner or a reflection of your partner.
  • Be yourself and the right partner will love the real you
  • No matter how long or short you have been together, if your partner is not God wants you to have, you’ll be parted from each other. It’s not a bad thing though because God only wants the best for us. The best person to share married life with.
  • Be open with your partner regarding your feelings so that all is clear and open
  • Try new things together. New hobbies and interests that both of you like.
  • If problem arises, talk about it. Person at fault should compromise and ask for forgiveness.
  • Fix yourself whenever you go out on dates. Don’t be so at ease with your partner that you already forget to pamper yourself.
  • Every moment counts, so cherish it.
  • Always, always, always leave something for yourself. Don’t give it all to your partner.
  • Love yourself first and all else will follow.
  • Don’t bottle up your partner with all the problems you have. He’s there to listen to you not to solve all your problems. Don’t get moody to him because of problems you’ve been having.
  • Show your love to your partner by action not by words
  • Always tell the truth. No secrecy.

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