Day 1

Here I am starting another blog — wonder how long I am going to last writting here. Nah, I need to be consistent with this blog. I need an outlet on my happiness and frustrations in life.

I think I need to just think that as I write this post, God will soon read it. Yap, its definitely working now.

I’m at work and what I’m doing right now currently bores me. But its work and it pays off my debts and leisure, so work work work!

I’m crying out my eyes last night because of someone who isn’t worth thinking for. I mean come on, he moved on and whether I’m sure or not, he’s with another woman right now. He’s having the time of his life right now without me. But yeah, I’m so stubborn that I keep on thinking about him every minute of the day.

Yep, I’m so stupid not enjoying who I’m with, what I have and where I am right now.

  • I have lots of family and friends that loves and supports me every day. Whenever I plea for them for emotional comfort, they respond to me instantly. They uplift my soul and pat my back. They love me so much that seeing me hurt, hurts them, too.
  • Especially my parents. My heart breaks whenever I hear them worrying about me. I know they don’t want to see me like this that’s why I decided to be silent about my suffering and just pray to God to free me from this pain and suffering.
  • I know I should be contented because I’m not poor materially and spiritually. God provided me well.
  • We have our own home now.
  • I have a work that supplies my finances well.
  • I’m in this great place called Melbourne, working and the same time experiencing leisure.
  • I have travel plans ahead of me.
  • I have plans to revamp myself and I am capable of it now financially
  • I have friends that misses me so much and wants to see me eagerly once I got back home in the Philippines
  • I have this life that God gave me because He knows I can take on it.

He’s only one person and he’s presence in my life resonates to every part of it. He keeps on wrecking my mood and happiness. I must fight him. I must not show that him leaving me will make me miserable and suffer. I know he’s a different person now but it’s him. It’s his life now. It’s up to him to continue to walk on that dark path away from his family and God.

I just wish that one day, I can finally say that I’m free from this pain. I’m free from him. I’m free from my suffering. And I know God is with me.


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